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4 Summertime Hazards to be Aware of While Driving

The summer season is upon us. This can mean road trip adventures and tons of fun, however getting places in the summertime comes with many more obstacles on the roadways. Here is a closer look at four summer hazards every driver should be aware of before they get behind the wheel.

The following items can often deserve additional attention during the summer months:

More Bicyclists on the Road

The summer weather means more people taking to the road on bicycles. While some roads are equipped with bike lanes, many roads are not. In addition, some drivers are not accustomed to checking for bikers before making a turn. It is a good idea to be extra careful by checking blind spots and mirrors when changing lanes or turning in order to avoid accidents. While bicyclists should be wearing bright clothing, often times that isn’t the case, making it difficult to spot them on roadways. It is still up to drivers to identify bicyclists and act accordingly.

As a driver, being aware of your surroundings and providing cyclists a safe distance when passing can go a long way toward preventing accidents. It’s important to remember that regardless of speed, bicyclists have just as much right to the road as motorists.

An Increased Number of Construction Zones

The winter months can take their toll on roads and by the time summer rolls around, construction crews are busy making necessary repairs. Some drivers do not always slow down to the posted speeds in construction zones and are often unaware of the risks. These areas have proven to be dangerous for drivers as they present many obstacles such as workers, cones, and hanging machines or construction equipment.

Drivers speeding through construction zones can pose a threat to workers, other drivers and themselves. This behavior can easily lead to personal injury. It’s a good idea to slow down and be very mindful when driving through construction zones and work areas.

Unexpected Hazards from Mother Nature

Sudden thunderstorms can quickly saturate roads, making hydroplaning a possibility. Flash flooding and hailstorms can also occur without warning. In areas where creeks or streams have overflowed, the roadway can be severely damaged or washed away. Additionally, these storms can affect driver visibility and cause skidding and swerving. The summertime means more sun, which also hinders visibility. The glare from the summer sun is particularly strong, forcing drivers to be prepared and extra vigilant on the roads.

Higher Volumes of Inexperienced Drivers

When school lets out for the summer, it means many more young drivers on the road. Less experienced drivers may be easily distracted and that may be intensified in the summer with so much going on around them. Driving and texting, taking unnecessary risks, and speeding are common among young drivers.

While all of these are elements that drivers need to be prepared for throughout the summer months, it’s also important to remember the same best practices for safety that apply year-round are no different during the summer.

  1. Be Attentive
  2. Obey All Speed Limits and Traffic Laws
  3. Don’t Text and Drive

While a single moment of inattention, an isolated mistake, or the recklessness of someone else can easily result in collisions, simply following the three rules above can go a long way toward reducing the likelihood of being in an accident.

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