The “100 Deadly Days” Of Summer

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As much joy as the summer months often hold for the residents of South Carolina, it is unfortunately also a time of great tragedy. Typically, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day bears witness to a flood of fatal, and often alcohol-related boat accidents and drunk driving car accidents.

The period has become so infamous that it has been dubbed the “100 Deadly Days” of summer, and judging by the numbers, it is easy to understand how it earned that nickname:

  • According to NBC 2 News in Mt. Pleasant, officers with the South Carolina Highway Patrol (SCHP) have estimated that close to 200 people are killed on South Carolina’s roads because of impaired drivers.
  • The SCHP reported that over Memorial Day weekend in 2013, there were 12 deaths involving car wrecks.
  • During last year’s “100 Deadly Days” of summer, there were 234 deaths caused by car accidents. In addition, there were 14,553 people injured in car crashes during that time.

The alcohol-related fatalities have specifically been targeted by the SCHP as a key to making the “100 Deadly Days” a thing of the past. To that end, officers are reiterating the harsh penalties drunk drivers could face.

“Normally, someone on a Friday night doesn’t ride by themselves…there [are] usually two to three people in the car,” Sr. Trooper Hannah Wimberly of the SCHP told NBC 2. “If you kill all three people, you are looking at up to 75 years in prison.”

What Can I Do If A Drunk Driver Hurts Me?

A qualified and experienced injury attorney can guide you and your family through the process of bringing a drunk driver to justice and recovering the money you need for pain and suffering, medical bills and living expenses.

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