Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in South Carolina

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People need their jobs to survive. But if they get hurt or sick at work, their financial security can quickly be put in danger. South Carolina workers’ compensation laws try to lessen the burden by providing monetary benefits to qualifying employees while they recover.

Workers’ compensation provides payment for medical care, a portion of an employee’s lost wages, and other benefits if they are hurt in a workplace accident or diagnosed with an occupational disease. These benefits are available regardless of fault, meaning that a worker doesn’t need to prove that his/her employer was negligent in order to receive benefits.

The majority of workers in South Carolina are entitled to workers’ compensation. Yet many employees with valid claims are not offered a fair amount of benefits, and others are denied completely. That’s when a tough workers’ compensation lawyer can step in.

What a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Do for You

Filing for workers’ compensation is a time-sensitive, detailed process. There are notification deadlines that must be met in order to pursue a benefits claim. Though employers are supposed to be transparent about all of the procedures, many workers are left confused about what they are supposed to do, and when. A workers’ compensation lawyer can guide you through the entire process of seeking benefits.

  • If you haven’t filed for workers’ compensation yet, an attorney can prepare the necessary forms, gather the medical documentation you need to support your claim, and make sure that everything is filed on time.
  • If you’ve already been denied, an attorney can identify where the claim got hung up and get started on appealing the case for you.

In addition, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can determine whether anyone else can be held liable for your injury or illness. Though S.C. law prohibits you from suing your employer, you may be entitled to additional compensation through a third-party lawsuit.

Example: You’re a delivery driver. On your way to drop off a package one day, another motorist blew through a stop sign and hit you. You suffered a head injury and a broken arm. You could file a third-party personal injury claim against the at-fault driver that is separate from your workers’ comp claim.

The advantage of a third-party claim is that you could end up collecting more money. That’s because workers’ comp only pays for medical costs and lost wages. A third-party claim could also enable you to recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost quality of life, and other non-economic damages.

Our S.C. Job Injury Attorneys Can Help After a Workplace Accident

If you were injured at work or are suffering from a job-related illness in South Carolina, obtaining full and fair workers’ compensation benefits can help you get the medical treatment and wage support you need to stay financially afloat. At Stewart Law Offices, our workers’ compensation lawyers will strive to obtain maximum benefits for you.

Our hardworking attorneys have years of experience representing South Carolinians just like you. We can sit down with you and discuss your legal options in a free consultation. To learn more about how we can help, call or contact us now.

Originally published March, 2014. Refreshed August, 2020.

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