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Why You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney In South Carolina

Many factors can determine whether an employee receives a fair amount of workers compensation benefits following an on the job injury. Workers often need the assistance of a lawyer who knows about the specifics of workers compensation law to receive the benefits they require to get back to their normal lives. If you filed a claim yourself and it was denied, an attorney can represent you to obtain a re-hearing and/or appeal of your case.

In addition to filing claims or appealing denials, an attorney can evaluate your situation and tell you if you have additional claims over and beyond workers comp insurance.


In South Carolina, almost all employers must provide workers compensation to their employees through a private insurance carrier or self-insurance. Companies must provide full medical benefits to injured employees with no monetary or time limits. The state also requires death benefits for a deceased employee’s surviving spouse and children.

However, many employers do not encourage filing for workers compensation or do not thoroughly inform employees about their rights. Insurance providers typically only do what is legally required of them, and they do not always provide adequate benefits. Employees who are unaware of the law often do not file for workers compensation or do not take legal action if an insurance provider fails to offer the correct level of benefits.

Additionally, South Carolina allows employers to select the physician who will treat the injured employee. An employer or insurance provider may incentivize a doctor to minimize medical payments or send the employee back to work too early.

In these situations, having an attorney on your side can give you the information you need to fight for your benefits. A lawyer can help you file a workers compensation claim to ensure that you receive important benefits and do not make any errors in the paperwork that put your claim at risk for rejection.


If your company’s insurance provider rejects your claim, a workers compensation lawyer can work with you to appeal the denial. Insurance providers must provide a reason as to why your claim was denied and give you information about the appeals process. A workers compensation lawyer can defend your right to benefits and medical care if your provider denies your initial claim.

Attorneys can assist your case in a number of ways that you might not even consider. For example, though workers compensation protects employers from lawsuits made by employees who suffer injuries at work, some circumstances may allow an injured employee to sue an employer or a third party, such as a contractor or non-employee. A third party lawsuit, if warranted, can offer more compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering. An attorney can tell you when your condition entitles you to sue outside of workers compensation.


If you were hurt on the job, we invite you to speak with our injury lawyers with offices in Rock Hill, Beaufort* and Columbia to find out everything you need to know about workers compensation in South Carolina. Our principle workers comp attorney is also licensed in North Carolina and represents clients in Charlotte, Gastonia and the surrounding areas.

Of course, if your workers compensation claim does not require attorney assistance, we will let you know. Call us today at (888) 286-5600 for free attorney advice about workers compensation.



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