Tips for Winning Your Truck Accident Case

By Stewart Law Offices
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tips to win your truck accident case

Truck accident cases are complicated, and a lot of work goes into building a strong and successful claim. Working with a South Carolina truck accident lawyer is the best strategy to maximize your case for compensation. However, there are other steps you can take to help your case.

Read on for tips on how to build a winning truck accident claim from Stewart Law Offices.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

The actions you take after a truck accident can help or hurt your claim. Follow these steps to protect your rights to compensation:

  • Report the crash to get law enforcement on the accident scene.
  • Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Take pictures and video of the scene.
  • Exchange information with all parties involved.
  • Collect names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • Contact a truck accident lawyer to learn your legal options.

What to Say After a Truck Accident

Be careful about what you say after a truck accident. You need to answer the investigating officer’s questions simply and truthfully. Do not admit fault or even apologize for the crash. Anything you say could be used against you by the insurance company.

You’ll likely be contacted by the insurance company from the at-fault party soon after the wreck. Do not discuss the accident or give a recorded statement. Instead, politely inform the insurance representative that you will be working with a truck accident lawyer and that the attorney will contact them shortly.

What to Bring When You Meet Your Truck Accident Lawyer

Your lawyer will need certain documentation to understand how the crash occurred and the extent of your injuries. The most important documents to bring include:

  • The police accident report
  • Medical records
  • Bills or receipts for any accident-related expenses that you have paid
  • Pay stubs to document lost wages
  • Photos of your injuries
  • A pain journal documenting how your injuries have impacted your life

Bring anything that you think can help explain what happened and who should be held liable. Your attorney can organize and collect the key information needed to get started on your case.

Proving Negligence After a Truck Accident

To receive compensation in a truck accident, you need to show that you were hurt and that the at-fault party’s actions (or failure to act) caused your injuries. Trucking companies will try to claim they were not responsible, so it’s essential to call a lawyer immediately after seeking medical attention.

The process begins by identifying who should be held liable for the wreck. In truck accident cases, there could be multiple parties who are to blame. Examples include the truck driver, trucking company, truck owner, mechanics, repair companies, cargo loaders, and parts manufacturers. There may be other potential defendants in your case as well, such as other drivers or government entities. A lawyer will be able to determine liability for you.

Getting Evidence for a Truck Accident Claim

To prove negligence, you need solid evidence, such as:

  • Medical records
  • The police report
  • Black box data from the truck
  • The driver’s logbook
  • Pictures and video footage
  • Inspection and maintenance records
  • Eyewitness testimony

After examining the facts of the case, a truck accident lawyer will know what evidence is necessary to best support your claim.

Truck Accident Statute of Limitations in South Carolina

In South Carolina, you have three years from the date of the truck accident to file your claim. If your claim is not filed within this time, you will likely be barred from receiving any compensation.

Knowing When to Take Your Claim to Court

Knowing When to Take Your Claim to CourtInsurance companies and trucking companies are notorious for denying fault and trying to minimize the amount of compensation you deserve. When they refuse to pay full and fair damages, you have the option of taking your claim to court. A lawyer will advise when negotiations have come to an end and whether trial is the next logical step.

How Stewart Law Offices Can Help You Win Your Truck Accident Case

The best tip for winning your truck accident case is to work with an experienced attorney. At Stewart Law Offices, our South Carolina truck accident lawyers know the tricks insurers use to reduce or deny victims the compensation they deserve. We won’t let them get away with it.

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