The Ten Most Commonly Reported Worker Injuries

By Stewart Law Offices
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Workplace injuries can happen in a variety of different ways and many occur without warning. There are some workplace injuries that are more common than others, many of which can be caused by another person’s negligence. In this article, we take a look at a list of the top 10 workplace injuries commonly seen by workers comp attorneys Columbia SC to Charlotte NC, which could potentially lead to a workers’ compensation claim.


Basically, this means a person has hit their absolute limits physically and/or mentally. This can be caused by a constant and repeated physical activity which could include lifting, pushing, climbing and other activities. It can also occur when a person’s body is contorted while working or exposed to extreme temperatures. What happens is that the body starts to fatigue from so much stress that it eventually gives out. This could affect numerous parts of the body. Most common being the soft tissue, joints, and spinal discs.

Trip and Fall

Some workplaces may have clutter and debris which cause you to take a fall, sustaining a potentially serious injury in the process. Employees are sometimes forced to navigate other hazards that may be a violation of safety regulations and considered reckless on the employer’s part.

Equipment Injury

Tools, machines, and materials may be spread out all over worksites. This presents an ever-present hazard and much of that equipment is capable of inflicting severe bodily harm. Employers are required to train and equip employees to work with such equipment.

Exposure to Hazardous Materials

There needs to be proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials on a job site. If chemicals, biological or radiological hazardous materials are mishandled it could create toxic vapors, explosion, fire, or contamination. Exposure to hazardous materials could lead to serious consequences, which is why safety is stressed in these environments.

most common work injury hazards

Hit by a Falling Object

Some worksites are multi-level which means that there is a constant threat of falling objects. This can affect workers on an entirely different level, as they may be unaware that they are even in danger. It may be best to speak with a workers compensation lawyer about the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury.

Carpal Tunnel

Those who do repetitive tasks with their hands could wind up with carpal tunnel syndrome. This can even affect those who do a lot of clerical and computer work. There are a number of potential preventatives including maintaining good overall health, regular stretching, and proper posture.

Slip and Fall

Wet surfaces present a significant amount of danger while workers in all types of settings could experience a slip and fall. Wet floors should be indicated with proper signage or they should be cleaned altogether.

Workplace Violence

Some workers find it difficult to get along and that has could have the potential to escalate into a physical altercation. Sometimes, but less commonly, an individual maybe be personally disturbed and lash out at others without any known indications. Workplaces should be free of this kind of threat, although that is not always the case.

Anxiety and Stress

Some workplaces put a lot of pressure on workers and that can take a mental toll. It is just as important to provide a workplace where employees’ mental state is not impacted in a negative way.

Fall to a Lower Level

Elevated worksites, or ones that take place on multiple levels, run the risk of employees falling down a level or more. Workers could sustain serious injuries or death if this were to occur. It is important to follow safety measures and wear harnesses when necessary.

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