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The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Many working Americans complain that their jobs are too boring, but they should consider themselves lucky. Each year, thousands of employees die from injuries sustained on the job – 4,836 to be exact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 report.Workplace injuries can happen anywhere, but some employees are inherently at a greater risk… Read More

Workers’ Comp: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been injured on the job, you may qualify for workers’ compensation to help pay for your medical expenses. It is important to fully understand workers’ compensation laws in order to take advantage of them. Here are some frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation, answered by the professional attorneys at Stewart Law Offices,… Read More

On the Job Electrical Safety Tips

If you aren’t careful with electricity, the results could be shocking. Over the past ten years, electrical hazards have injured more than 45,000 workers – some of them fatally. These incidents happen over a variety of injuries, but most of them can easily be avoided. Here are some recommendations from OSHA for avoiding electrical shocks… Read More

Hurt on the Job? Here Are Your Options

Nearly 3 million people are hurt on the job every single year. Injuries may occur due to a single incident, or develop over time. In either case, you should inform your supervisor and seek medical attention. If your injury leaves you with a mountain of medical bills, or forces you to miss time from work,… Read More


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