Car Accident and Fatality Statistics in South Carolina

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Car Accident Statistics and Fatal Accidents in South Carolina - Stewart Law Offices

South Carolina is one of the worst states for car accidents. An annual survey from Car Insurance Comparison recently ranked South Carolina as the second-worst driving state in America for the sixth year running. Statistics show that the rate of traffic fatalities in the state is almost double the national average. And preliminary data from the S.C. Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) indicates that there were 758 traffic fatalities in the state during the first ten months of 2020 alone.

Losing a loved one in a car accident is an unimaginable tragedy. Surviving family members in South Carolina can pursue compensation from the at-fault party through a wrongful death claim. If you’ve lost a relative, contact the experienced car accident lawyers at Stewart Law Offices for a free consultation. We have four offices throughout the state including Rock Hill, Columbia, Spartanburg, and Beaufort**.

South Carolina Car Accident Fatality Statistics

Consider these statistics for South Carolina:

  • One fatal collision occurs every nine hours.
  • One person dies in a crash every 8.5 hours.
  • One person dies in a DUI crash every 30.1 hours.
  • One teen is involved in a fatal or injury collision every 1.4 hours.
  • A child under 8 is seriously injured or killed in a traffic crash every 7.2 days.
  • More than 570 passengers in fatal crashes during the first 10 months of 2020 were not wearing seat belts.
  • There is one injury collision every 13.8 minutes.

The top five causes of S.C. car accidents are speeding, failure to yield, disregarding signs/signals, following too closely, and distracted driving.

What to Do if a Loved One Died in an S.C. Car Accident

If you lost a family member in a South Carolina traffic accident, you could have a valid wrongful death claim against the at-fault party. It is essential that you speak to a knowledgeable wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney will assert your family’s rights and help you claim the compensation you deserve.

Although monetary compensation can never make up for the person you lost, it is intended to restore your family’s financial wellbeing and help you pay for funeral and burial costs.

When Does a Fatal Accident Become a Wrongful Death?

Not every death is legally considered a wrongful death. The key to whether you have a claim depends on whether someone else was responsible for the fatal wreck.

The South Carolina wrongful death statute provides a clear definition that states any death caused by the negligent or wrongful act of another person is considered a wrongful death and that certain individuals can claim damages as a result. Therefore, if another party acted negligently or carelessly and caused the death of your loved one, you likely have a valid claim.

How Stewart Law Offices Can Help

Losing a family member unexpectedly is a tragedy. If someone you love was killed in a South Carolina car accident, wrongful death compensation can help ease the financial blow. Stewart Law Offices can provide compassionate and dedicated legal support during this difficult time. Schedule a free consultation with a S.C. wrongful death lawyer today.

Getting in any kind of accident can change your life. We understand the stress, the medical bills, the time missed from work, and the pain and suffering that comes with serious injuries. That is why our dedicated personal injury lawyers in the Carolinas are here to help you move forward.