Top 6 Summertime Driving Hazards

RoadMany South Carolinians look forward to summer as a time for fun, relaxation, and family. No one ever sets out on a summer vacation or road trip hoping to be injured. Unfortunately, there are many summertime driving hazards that can quickly turn an enjoyable excursion into a nightmare ordeal. The South Carolina personal injury attorneys at Stewart Law Offices want you to be aware of some of the driving hazards you may face this season.

More Bicyclists and Motorcyclists

Cyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts often take advantage of warm, sunny summer weather. But because these road users have such small profiles, they can be incredibly difficult for drivers to see in traffic. Motorists must take special precautions when driving near cyclists and motorcyclists who have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers on the road but are at heightened risk of injuries due to their lack of safety protections.

Increased Traffic Congestion

When school is out, many families go on summer vacations and road trips. This means more vehicles on the road, not to mention the presence of out-of-towners who are unfamiliar with local roads and traffic patterns. This consistent increase in traffic congestion in popular areas substantially increases the likelihood of collisions and the possibility of needing the help of an experienced auto accident attorney.

Greater Risk of Tire Blowouts

The summer heat can leave pavement scorching hot. And when car tires come in contact with searing road surfaces, the heat causes the compressed air in those tires to expand. Many tire blowouts occur in the summer months because motorists fail to keep their tires properly inflated and in good condition before traveling.

More Roadway Construction

Roads are damaged by hard winter weather and are then repaired during the summer. More road crews mean changes in traffic flow, lower speed limits, and slow equipment that can leave drivers frustrated or confused. Drivers who are careless or reckless when navigating around barriers, workers, or heavy machinery can cause devastating summertime construction zone accidents.

More Drunk Drivers

Unfortunately, people engage in dangerous behaviors like drunk driving all year round. But with holidays and big events like Independence Day, Labor Day, and school graduations, many people are more inclined to celebrate the summer with alcohol. When warm-weather revelers get behind the wheel after one too many drinks, innocent people are often the ones who pay the price.

More Teen Drivers

Another consequence of summer breaks for students is that teenagers have more time to spend on the road. Teens are also much more likely to commit dangerous driving errors than more mature motorists due to their relative lack of experience. Many teens are also emboldened by their newfound independence, which can lead to risky driving behaviors.

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