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What Should I Do If an Insurance Agent Calls?

When the insurance agent calls you after a car accident, truck wreck or other type of personal injury, you do not need to talk to them. The statement you give can be used against you by the insurance company to deny benefits. In this video, attorney Jenna Garraux explains what to tell the insurance agent.


The first thing I would do if an insurance agent calls, is I would end the phone conversation and let them know that you're getting your medical treatment and then call Stewart Law Offices. The insurance company is going to want to pin you down on whatever you feel immediately after the accident.

Anyone that's been through a car wreck knows that you may not know the full effect of your injuries until several days later, or maybe a week. What you thought was just a sore shoulder may turn out to be a real problem that may require surgery in the future. If the insurance company were to have called you, and you didn't mention that your shoulder was hurting because you were really focused on your neck, they won't want to hear about your shoulder injury later. They'll limit you to whatever you said immediately after the accident.

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