"Understandably, many victims of serious accidents stress about how to pay their medical bills. Depending on the circumstances of your car accident or boating wreck, your lawyer should be able to let the hospital know that pending the outcome of a lawsuit, payment will be coming their way.


It's a hard question. Some medical facilities will have us do what's called a letter of protection where we send a letter out to the hospital saying, """"We will pay this claim upon conclusion of your case.""""

There are a variety of medical providers that will treat you and hold the bill until after you're done receiving your medical treatment and your case is settled. Those doctors are very few. Chiropractors are the most common type of doctor that will hold their bill. Most orthopedics and other doctors will not do that. So when you get into a wreck without health insurance, it makes our job twice as hard, and it makes the need for an attorney twice as important to you.

What Happens if You Can’t Pay Medical Bills? – South Carolina – Stewart Law Offices

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