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South Carolina Couple Killed in Wreck Caused by Drunk Driver

On average, 28 Americans are killed in drunk driving wrecks each day, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Unfortunately, recently, a local couple became a part of that statistic, as both were killed in a crash caused by a drunk driver. According to WYFF-TV, in addition to the couple’s sedan and the drunk driver’s pickup truck, three other vehicles were involved in the fatal wreck.

The incident happened on Sandifer Boulevard near U.S. Highway 76 in Seneca at about 7:45 p.m., according to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. The couple, who were in a 1995 Mazda sedan, were broadsided by the drunk driver’s pickup truck. The other three vehicles crashed following the first wreck.

A 29-year-old man riding in the Mazda died at the scene from cervical trauma and blunt force trauma to the head, while the other occupant of the vehicle, a 28-year-old woman, was taken to Oconee Medical Center after suffering blunt force trauma to the neck and cardiac arrest at the scene. The woman died at the hospital.

Three women and a man from the other three vehicles that crashed were injured in the wreck. The women were all transported to Oconee Medical Center, and the man was flown to Greenville Memorial for treatment.

The drunk driver is facing two counts of felony DUI causing death. As of this report, he was being held at the Oconee County Detention Center and his bail had been set at $100,000.

Did You Know: Before being arrested for the first time, the average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times, according to MADD.


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