Teaching School Bus Safety to Kids: A Vital Guide for Parents

By Stewart Law Offices
women walking school children onto school bus on a neighborhood road

Your child’s first trip on a school bus is one of the essential rites of passage for any young student, signifying a new level of independence. However, this new degree of autonomy comes with risks as well – risks you can help mitigate by teaching your growing child the following school bus safety tips.

School Bus Safety Tips For Kids

Start Early

The sooner you start teaching bus safety rules, the more your child will absorb them. Start discussing bus safety for kids in the weeks approaching their first school bus trip, and keep the concepts simple enough for them to understand.

Safe Waiting

School bus safety starts before the bus even arrives. To practice bus stop safety, help your child find a visible spot where they can wait, and ensure they understand that they should maintain a safe distance from the roadway.

Look Both Ways

Some children forget that they must look both ways before they cross the street, even if they feel protected by walk signals or crossing guards. Remind them verbally and by example that they must check for oncoming traffic every time they are about to cross.

Crossing Signal

Bus drivers will give children a clear signal when it is safe to cross in front of the bus. Teach your kids to remain alert to this signal so they only cross when it is clear the driver sees them.

Stay Seated

Children can become easily excitable when sharing a ride to school with their friends. However, standing up or moving around the vehicle can distract the driver and lead to severe injuries if an accident occurs. Emphasize that they must remain seated when the school bus is moving.

Emergency Readiness

School bus emergency procedures should be available on your school district’s website. Ensure your child is familiar with these guidelines, and assure them that drivers and staff will know how to handle an emergency if anything happens.

Visibility Matters

Early mornings can be dark in the winter. Dress your children in bright clothing or accessories during these times to ensure drivers can see them.

Walking Safely

If your child must walk any distance to the bus stop, walk the route with them several times before they do so on their own. Ensure they understand the importance of walking on the sidewalk and obeying traffic rules.


Practicing your child’s school bus routine with them can help you both feel confident in their ability to safely navigate each aspect of the situation.

Lead by Example

Children often learn much more from what they see than what they hear. If you demonstrate safe behavior on the road, they will be more likely to be safe themselves.

School Policies

Each school system has its own bus safety rules and guidelines. Ensure that you and your child understand these policies thoroughly.

Positive Reinforcement

If your kids associate safe behavior with positive feelings, school bus safety will quickly become second nature. Rewarding them for practicing good safety habits will pay dividends well into the future.

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