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Assisting North Carolina Airline and Airport Employees With Workers’ Compensation Claims

Working in the air travel industry can be a rewarding endeavor, but it also comes with certain risks. In addition to the possibility of accidents that can cause physical injuries, employees in this sector are often subject to a high degree of job-related stress and physical fatigue. Fortunately, those who suffer any kind of injury or illness in connection with their role as an airline or airport employee are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Getting these benefits is not always as easy as it should be, however.

If you are an airline or airport employee who recently suffered an injury at work and are now struggling to access the benefits you deserve, we want to help. At Stewart Law Offices, we are proud to champion the rights of injured air travel employees and help them get benefits for medical costs and lost income. We are sensitive to your financial situation, which is why, when you first reach out, we will make every effort to relieve the burdens you are suffering. That includes sending one of our experienced Charlotte airline and airport employee injury lawyers to your home or the hospital where you are being treated if you cannot come to us. We will take the time to review your legal options, answer your questions, and walk you through how we can help you fight for the benefits you deserve. Whether you suffered spinal injuries due to extreme turbulence or overexerted yourself when transporting luggage, we know what is at stake and will always fight for the maximum compensation available in your case.

Still not sure whether you have a claim? Our Charlotte airline and airport employee injury attorneys can evaluate your circumstances and determine whether you are entitled to benefits.

Can an Airline or Airport Employee Get Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina?

North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system is meant to offer monetary benefits to employees who suffer injuries or illnesses caused by or linked to their employment. The rules surrounding who can and cannot get workers’ compensation can be confusing.

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As an airline or airport employee, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation if:

  • You were an employee (not an independent contractor) when the injury occurred or developed
  • Your employer has at least three employees (just about all airlines and airports meet this requirement)
  • You were not intoxicated or trying to hurt yourself or another person when the injury occurred
  • Your injury is work-related

A work-related injury is a new condition that was caused or a preexisting condition that was significantly exacerbated by your workplace. The injury could be caused by a single, inciting event, like an accident, or it could be the result of sustained exposure to something in your workplace, like a toxic substance or an arduously stressful environment.

The following types of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation insurance:

  • Physical injuries caused by accidents
  • Repetitive stress injuries caused by frequent, repetitive motions inherent to your job
  • Occupational illnesses, including mental health conditions, caused by your work environment

Fault is not a factor when seeking workers’ compensation benefits. You do not have to prove anyone was negligent, and, in many cases, you can still get benefits if an injury-causing accident was your fault.

How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, you typically have two years from the date of the injury-causing accident or the date you became aware of a potentially work-related injury in situations where those injuries were not immediately apparent to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, to protect your right to benefits, you must start the process much, much sooner.

You must report your injuries to your employer, whether they are an airline, airport, or another organization operating within an airport, within 30 days of learning about your work-related injury. It is in your best interest to file a written report with your employer as soon as you can. You can lose your right to access benefits if you miss this deadline, so do not wait to get in touch with Stewart Law Offices after an accident or when you begin to suspect an injury or illness may be job-related.

Why Do I Need an Attorney to Help With My Workers’ Compensation Claim in North Carolina?

When you suffer an injury or illness at work, you will be placed in a vulnerable position. You are relying on your employer and their insurer to operate in good faith and get you the benefits that you need to cover your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. Sadly, many employers and insurers do not act in good faith and will go to great lengths to deny your claim or limit what you recover, especially in cases where employees seek benefits for occupational illnesses and repetitive stress injuries that are not tied to single, easily provable event. Our Charlotte airline and airport employee injury lawyers can help you combat and overcome these tactics.Do not wait to give our legal professionals a call if:

  • Your worker’s compensation claim has been denied
  • Your employer or their insurer claims your injury is not work-related
  • Your employer or their insurer claims you took too long to report an injury or file a claim
  • Your employer does not report your injury
  • Your employer’s insurer stops responding to your calls and e-mails
  • You receive an unacceptably low settlement offer
  • The doctor chosen by your employer or their insurer fails to recognize the severity of your injuries or authorize necessary treatments
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