Will Your Holiday Vacation/Travel Affect Your Workers’ Compensation?

By Stewart Law Offices
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If you sustained an occupational injury or illness that keeps you from working during the holidays, the resulting time off might seem like an excellent opportunity for a vacation. However, if you are currently drawing workers’ compensation benefits, consider how a vacation could affect your benefits before making any plans.

Risks of Taking Vacation While on Workers’ Compensation

Scheduling a holiday vacation while you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits in North or South Carolina could put your workers’ comp at risk because:

  • The insurance company could question the severity of your injuries or insist that your ability to travel is proof you can work.
  • Missing or rescheduling medical appointments related to your work injury could jeopardize your health and your workers’ comp claim.
  • Maintaining medical care may be difficult while on vacation.
  • Traveling long distances to go on vacation or participating in strenuous activities like hiking, swimming, or skiing might go against your doctor’s advice.
  • Your insurer might send an investigator to your vacation destination to gather evidence to use against you, such as photos of you doing activities that appear too taxing for your condition.

What Not to Do During Vacation While on Workers’ Comp

Insurance companies have been known to keep a close eye on workers’ comp recipients who go on vacation because they don’t want to pay out any benefits they don’t have to. If you decide to go on vacation while drawing workers’ comp, consider these practical tips:

  • Do not schedule your holiday vacation in a faraway place. The less time you spend cramped up in a car or airplane during your recovery, the better.
  • Do not skip any doctor’s office visits, physical therapy sessions, or other medical appointments related to your work injury to go on vacation.
  • Do not participate in any vacation activities that go against your doctor’s orders.
  • Do not post vacation photos or stories on social media. The insurance company can use any information that is publicly available against you.

How to Remain Eligible for Workers’ Comp While on Vacation

Here are some tips to keep in mind to protect your benefits while on vacation:

  • Plan a vacation that’s not too far from home. Consider a holiday “staycation,” in which you engage in relaxing leisure activities close to home.
  • Enjoy low-key vacation activities that don’t strain or stress your body.
  • Avoid posting photos or information about your vacation online for others to see.
  • Schedule your vacation so that you do not miss any medical appointments.
  • Follow your doctor’s care plan even while you are away on vacation.
  • Consult a knowledgeable attorney for advice before you make your plans

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