Why Nurses Should File for Workers’ Compensation

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Nurses dedicate their lives to helping patients heal, but they can sustain their own injuries while taking care of others. Labor statistics show that 20,150 registered nurses in the U.S. reported job injuries in a recent year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) further notes that hospitals are among the most dangerous places for people to work.

Qualifying nurses in North Carolina and South Carolina are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits after suffering a job-related injury. Eligible nurses can receive coverage for their medical costs, a portion of their lost wages, and disability benefits.

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Are Nurses Able to File for Workers’ Compensation?

Most employers in North Carolina and South Carolina are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This includes hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Nurses who are injured while performing duties at those facilities can file a claim for workers’ compensation.

Top Reasons Why Nurses Should File for Workers’ Comp

The No. 1 reason why nurses should file for workers’ compensation is to protect their health and, ultimately, the health of their patients. Trying to “work through” an injury without taking the time to recuperate puts nurses, hospitals, and patients at risk.

In addition, the medical costs surrounding any kind of injury can be huge. Workers’ compensation benefits cover all reasonable medical expenses related to the job injury. Without filing for workers’ comp, nurses could be left paying for those bills on their own.

Workers’ compensation benefits are also provided regardless of fault. Nurses don’t need to worry about proving that someone else was negligent and caused their injury in order to receive compensation. Although workers’ comp claims must be substantiated with strong evidence, claimants only have to show proof of their injury and that it was work-related.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation insurers don’t always make it easy for nurses to secure the benefits they are owed. If you believe you are entitled to workers’ compensation and have been denied, talk to a lawyer right away.

Common Workplace Hazards for Nurses

Nursing is a hazardous profession. Some of the biggest dangers include:

  • Infectious diseases: The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted just how exposed nurses are to infectious diseases. Questions loom about how workers’ compensation insurers will handle these types of claims, so nurses that have contracted the virus or another infectious disease should always seek advice from a competent lawyer.
  • Slip and fall accidents: Freshly mopped floors, unsteady patients, and spills are very common in healthcare facilities. This puts nurses at greater risk of being involved in slip and fall accidents.
  • Overexertion injuries: For nurses, overexertion injuries are typically a result of moving, lifting, and repositioning patients.
  • Needle injury: Needle sticks, or sharps injuries, happen when a part of the body is punctured or wounded by a needle, scalpel, or other sharp object.
  • Violence: Nurses are prone to experience violence from patients, particularly those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or have psychiatric or substance abuse problems.

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