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What Can I Do If I Am Hurt In A Truck Accident Out Of State?

Truck wrecks caused by negligent drivers are incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal to people in smaller passenger vehicles. The problems victims of truck accidents face will be compounded when the accident occurs when they are traveling on a business trip or vacationing in a state that is not their home.

When a motorist is struck by a tractor trailer or semi-truck out of state, these victims may not know how to get assistance paying for medical and other expenses. Seeking compensation for a truck accident – especially one that occurs outside of your state of residence – can be challenging if you do not have qualified legal representation.


If you are hurt in a truck accident, your first reaction should be the same, no matter where the accident occurs. You should immediately seek medical treatment, since many injuries that appear after auto accidents may not be immediately apparent. If possible, try to take photographs of the scene and gather witness contact information. Do not speak to the driver or anyone associated with the truck company any more than necessary. Never apologize or claim that the accident was your fault.

You should always contact an attorney immediately after a collision with a commercial truck. Truck companies will attempt to minimize their liability and evidence may be destroyed or lost, but an attorney knows what to do in order to allow you to find out who is responsible and seek compensation.

Specifically, you should talk to a lawyer in the state in which the accident occurred. You should also look for law firms that have attorneys licensed in federal court, as this is where some truck accident cases may be litigated. In most situations, the laws of the state where the accident took place dictate the process for civil litigation. There is a statute of limitations on cases like these, and if you do not take the proper steps right away, you could miss the window of opportunity for seeking justice.

A lawyer who is licensed to practice in that state can represent your case and seek compensation for damages on your behalf. No matter where you are from, you have the ability to seek legal assistance and pursue a lawsuit in the state in which your accident occurred.


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