Unpacking Common Excuses Drivers Use After a Fall Accident in SC

By Stewart Law Offices
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As the vibrant hues of autumn paint the South Carolina landscape, many of us eagerly anticipate the joys of cooler weather, pumpkin-spiced delights, and the rustle of fallen leaves. But with the changing season comes a shift in driving conditions that catches many motorists off-guard, increasing the risk of collisions. Here are some common excuses local drivers use when they get into Autumn accidents.

I Couldn’t See Because of Glare from the Sun

Drivers involved in a car accident might claim that they couldn’t see due to glare from the sun, especially during autumn when the sun is lower in the sky during peak driving times. This excuse, while common, does not absolve a driver of responsibility for an accident.

It is a driver’s responsibility to adapt to road conditions and ensure they are driving safely. This includes taking preventative measures against sun glare, such as wearing sunglasses, using vehicle sun visors, or adjusting driving speeds and following distances to accommodate reduced visibility. If drivers fail to take these necessary precautions and cause an accident, they can still be liable.

The Wet Leaves Made the Road Slippery

During the autumn months in South Carolina, many roads are covered with wet leaves. After an accident, some drivers might argue that wet leaves made the road so slippery they couldn’t avoid the crash.

However, this excuse does not clear a driver of responsibility. Under South Carolina traffic laws, drivers must drive at a speed that is “reasonable and prudent” given the conditions. The law explicitly states that this includes considering existing and potential road hazards. So, even if wet leaves make the road slippery, the driver must still recognize these conditions and slow down as necessary.

I Was Dodging a Deer

South Carolina, with its vast rural landscapes and dense forests, experiences a spike in deer activity during the fall months. This is primarily due to the deer mating season known as the rut, which usually peaks in October. During this season, some drivers might claim they got into accidents while trying to dodge deer that suddenly darted onto the road.

While the presence of deer is a legitimate hazard in some scenarios, the validity of this excuse can vary based on the situation. If a driver is maintaining a safe speed, staying alert, and paying close attention to road conditions, their sudden maneuver to avoid a deer could be a reasonable reaction. But if a driver is speeding, distracted, or breaking traffic rules, their claim of “dodging a deer” might not hold water.

I Couldn’t See Through the Fog

Fog can drastically reduce visibility on roads. Some drivers might claim they couldn’t see through the fog as an explanation for an accident, particularly during early mornings or late evenings in autumn.

South Carolina law, however, expects drivers to exercise additional caution in foggy conditions. Like sun glare, fog is a hazardous condition requiring slower speeds and extra caution. The law also requires illuminated headlights when environmental factors reduce visibility. Blaming the fog does not absolve a driver from the responsibility of adapting to road conditions and ensuring safety.

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