Stewart Law Offices Celebrates Its 25th Year Of Business Serving The Community

By Stewart Law Offices
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Community involvement has been a tradition at Stewart Law Offices. To celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2020, the law firm is dedicating each month this year to highlight different charities and organizations in the community. Their goal is to bring more awareness and inspire others to join them in supporting and building better communities across North and South Carolina.

Since being founded in 1995, Stewart Law Offices has dedicated its professional efforts towards helping injured people. But effective representation doesn’t happen without compassion and caring of those in need — and that caring extends far beyond office doors and courtrooms. It flows into the communities they serve. Supporting the community makes everyone involved stronger.

Everyone has an opportunity to be a good citizen. It can start with something as simple as picking up litter on the sidewalk or volunteering time at the local animal shelter. It all adds up.

Expressing gratitude is another way to spotlight the community’s finest. That’s what motivated Stewart Law Offices to launch its annual Teacher Appreciation Awards, which honors teachers throughout North and South Carolina for their hard work and dedication. It’s just one of the firm’s initiatives that will continue in 2020.

Stewart Law Offices knows that 25 years in business would not have been possible without earning the community’s trust. Paying it forward is an honor and responsibility that the entire team at Stewart Law Offices doesn’t take lightly. Stay tuned to learn more about who the firm is highlighting each month.

If you are interested in ways to help or get involved, please contact us for more details.

Check out our Community Giving Back page for more information.

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