Stewart Law Offices Cancels Medical Debt in Local Counties

By Stewart Law Offices
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Stewart Law Offices recently partnered with RIP Medical Debt to alleviate $559,202 of the mountains of medical debt currently burdening families in several South Carolina communities.

Stewart Law Offices Changes Lives with Medical Debt Purchases in Local Counties

The South Carolina personal injury law firm partnered with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit organization that collects donations to forgive health care debt for people in need.

With Stewart’s contribution, 480 families in Richland, Lexington and Lancaster counties will have a fresh financial start.

The injury attorneys at Stewart Law Offices are no strangers to people in need. With five offices throughout the Carolinas, they represent numerous clients who have been injured in accidents caused by someone else’s recklessness. These accident victims are almost always struggling to afford their accident-related medical expenses, according to Brent Stewart, the firm’s founder.
Attorney Brent P Stewart

“Every day, we see people who are struggling with accumulating medical debt and limited means to pay it,” he says. “We see the frustration and hopelessness they feel as they consider whether they can afford to go to the doctor for medical treatment and still put food on the table. We wanted to help.”

Roughly 79 million Americans must choose between paying their medical bills and meeting basic human needs like obtaining food and shelter, according to RIP Medical’s website. Around 450,000 families have had medical debt forgiven thanks to charitable contributions from donors like Stewart Law Offices.

Some people who are injured in accidents have the chance to recover legal compensation that eliminates or reduces their amount of medical debt, says Stewart. But for those who become ill or suffer a medical emergency, a legal settlement or courtroom verdict to offset the cost of their medical treatment may simply not be an option.

For that reason, the personal injury lawyers sought out a new, impactful way to give back to the communities they know and love so well.

“As attorneys, we can and will always advocate aggressively for our clients,” says Stewart. “But our profession is founded on public service — and being able to provide a lifeline for non-clients who are struggling with health care debt is just as important to us. It’s a natural extension of what we do as lawyers.”

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