South Carolina Semi-Truck Accident FAQs

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South Carolina Semi-Truck Accident FAQs

Truck accidents are traumatic experiences. Knowing what to do in the aftermath is especially confusing for accident victims. To help, Stewart Law Offices has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about truck accidents in South Carolina below.

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What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

Understanding what to do after a truck accident will not only protect your safety and wellbeing but also any future legal claim you wish to file. You should:

  • Report the accident to the police, as mandated by state law.
  • Seek medical attention, even if you think you are not hurt.
  • Document the scene by taking pictures, video, and collecting the names and contact information of witnesses.
  • Never admit fault or apologize for the accident.
  • Hire a S.C. truck accident lawyer to explain your rights and help you file a claim for compensation.

What is FMCSA?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a federal agency that governs truck drivers and trucking companies. FMCSA creates and enforces rules for the trucking industry, including mandates on how long a truck driver can drive before taking a rest break, training requirements, schedules for routine inspections, and more.

Truck Accidents vs. Car Accidents: Are They Handled the Same Way?

Many people think that truck accidents and car crashes are similar. In fact, the two are very different. Truck accident cases are much more complicated due to the following factors:

  • Trucks carry more insurance, which makes insurers more likely to fight large claims.
  • Unlike car accidents, truck accidents are governed by both state and federal law.
  • The evidence used in truck accident cases is different.
  • There is a lot of science involved in how trucks operate. Judges and juries often have to be educated about the technicalities.
  • A number of parties could be at fault for a truck accident, and some may not even be at the scene of the crash.
  • The injuries after a truck accident are typically much more severe.

All of these differences make filing a truck accident claim much more complex than filing a claim after a car accident.

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents involve a number of potentially liable parties. These may include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • Cargo owners and loaders
  • The manufacturer of the truck and its parts
  • Inspection and maintenance companies
  • Local governments and contractors

Determining liability is one of the most difficult aspects of a truck accident claim. A lawyer will investigate the case, determine its causes, and then identify all of the negligent parties who played a role in the wreck.

How Can Stewart Law Offices Help Me?

After a truck accident, an insurance representative may call right away to offer you a settlement. Never accept it without first speaking to a South Carolina truck accident lawyer.

At Stewart Law Offices, our attorneys know how to put a full and fair value on your claim and negotiate aggressively in pursuit of the settlement you deserve.

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