North and South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Fees, Explained

By Stewart Law Offices
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One of the most common questions our personal injury law firm receives is “How much will my case cost?” Often, there is not a specific number that our personal injury lawyers can give you right away because the answer is complicated and every case is different. The fee may depend on several factors. Below, we discuss everything you need to know about personal injury fees.

Contingency Fee Explained

At Stewart Law Offices, we handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement lets us provide experienced legal support to clients without charging them any fees upfront. Payment for our time and services is only due upon your recovery. So, if there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Our fees are paid as a percentage of any recovery we make on your behalf. For example, if we charge a contingency fee of one-third and we recover $100,000 for you, our contingency fee would be $33,333. We are then reimbursed for any money our firm paid for costs on your behalf, such as filing fees, court reporter fees, or expert witness fees.

While you might be worried about the cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer, remember that you do not have to pay anything upfront. If we do not recover money on your behalf, you will not owe money for any attorney fees. Additionally, we will explain how we can maximize your personal injury settlement so that more money is left in your pocket at the end of your case. This arrangement lets you get the benefit of experienced legal representation while minimizing any financial risk on your part.

We also discuss our fee agreements to prospective clients during our no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation.

Rules For Setting Fees

South and North Carolina personal injury lawyers must follow specific rules for setting their fees, known as the Rules of Professional Conduct and established by the state bar. These rules describe types of fee arrangements, what types of fees can be collected, and how they are collected. They also set out factors that should be considered in setting attorney fees, such as:

  • The lawyer’s skill and experience
  • The novelty or difficulty of the issues involved
  • The complexity of the case
  • What other attorneys in the area charge for similar services
  • How long the rendered legal services are expected to take
  • Whether taking the case will preclude the lawyer from taking other cases
  • The amount involved and the results obtained

A lawyer may charge a different amount based on how the case is ultimately resolved. For example, if a case is resolved through an injury case settlement, there may be a lower fee than if the case involves a personal injury lawsuit because litigation can be more complex and time-consuming.

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At Stewart Law Offices, we believe in transparency in our representation and fee structure. We put all fee agreements in writing and can also discuss them during your initial consultation. Contact us today to learn more and to speak with a knowledgeable South Carolina personal injury lawyer or North Carolina personal injury lawyer about your case.

Getting in any kind of accident can change your life. We understand the stress, the medical bills, the time missed from work, and the pain and suffering that comes with serious injuries. That is why our dedicated personal injury lawyers in the Carolinas are here to help you move forward.