How Social Media Can Impact a Crash Claim

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how social media can impact a crash claim

Social media platforms can have a major impact on the outcome of a crash claim, either positively or negatively. Insurers often use evidence obtained from social media to assess accidents and claims, evaluating victims’ posts over time to build an accurate narrative in regards to the damages sustained.

Some claimants have even been denied coverage for failing to accurately portray their physical capabilities prior to the accident on their social media accounts. With this in mind, it’s important for claimants to be aware of how their posts may be used when filing a crash claim.

Claimants should be mindful of portraying activities that contradict the severity of their injuries if they would like to receive maximum financial compensation. Making wise decisions online while also providing accurate information will increase the chances that your claim is successful.

Insurance Adjusters Use Social Media to Minimize or Deny Claims

In the age of social media, insurance companies are using the immense amounts of information available online to anticipate, quantify, and minimize crash claims on behalf of the policyholder. Claim adjusters now look up an involved party’s social media accounts to see if they can evaluate their actions pre and post-crash in order to use this data against them during claims negotiations.

Even when a victim has a legitimate claim, some adjusters deny or reduce its worth through the misuse of this tool. It is important to be aware of how social media can be used in this manner as it could severely reduce the amount that one is owed after an unfortunate car accident.

Social Media Shows a History of Injuries or Actions

Following a crash, insurance adjusters often look at social media to determine any past injuries or actions of a claimant in order to influence the amount of payout. This tactic can prove especially devastating for claimants who already suffer from major medical issues that can be further complicated by documented lifestyle choices.

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