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Now that most families are back from summer vacation, many children have returned to school. This means more traffic on the road and an increased risk of accidents. Keeping kids safe as they travel to and from school is crucial whether they walk, take the bus, or get a ride home from their parents. Below are some safety tips to ensure your children remain safe during the school year. And, if your child is hurt on their way to or from school, our Rock Hill personal injury attorneys are here to help.

An Overview of School Safety Tips

Returning to school after a fun summer can be a difficult transition. Most children need time to adjust to a new routine. It is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by the requirements of a new school year, but there are simple rules kids can follow to stay safe.

Make sure your children understand the importance of following these safety tips:

  • Report suspicious activity to a teacher or administrator they trust.
  • Never leave school grounds with an adult they don’t know.
  • Follow all teachers’ rules in the classroom and on the playground.
  • Listen to bus drivers, school crossing guards, and other adults in charge of their safety.

Safety Tips While Riding the Bus

Your child should stand at least six feet from the curb while waiting for the bus. This protects them from any vehicles passing the bus stop.

When boarding and getting off the bus, your child should walk far enough in front of the bus to stay within the driver’s field of vision, generally about 10 feet. If they walk too closely in front of the bus, the driver might not see them. Your child should be able to see the driver, too. Teach your child to make eye contact with the driver so they know the driver is aware of them.

Safety Tips for Walking Home from School

To walk home from school safely, your child should:

  • Always use the sidewalk. If there isn’t a sidewalk, they should walk facing oncoming traffic and at a safe distance from the road so drivers can see them.
  • Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections and make eye contact with drivers before crossing.
  • Avoid distractions, such as looking down at a cell phone.
  • Be aware of traffic, other pedestrians, bicyclists, and other surroundings.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street.

Driving to School Safety Tips

Sadly, our Rock Hill car accident lawyers have seen firsthand how dangerous the combination of young children, distractions, and inexperienced drivers can be.

You may need to take extra precautions when driving your kids to and from school, especially in school zones and during rush-hour traffic.

Follow these tips when driving your children to school to stay safe:

  • Be aware of school zones and adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Watch for children walking to or from school and drive slowly to be able to stop for them at crosswalks and intersections.
  • Make eye contact with children attempting to cross the street so they know they can proceed.
  • Never pass a stopped school bus with flashing lights. Stop and wait for the lights to turn off before proceeding.
  • Maintain a safe distance from school buses while driving behind them.

If you or your child was injured in a collision near school, contact a car accident attorney in Rock Hill for help.

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