2019 Winners of the Annual Teacher Appreciation Awards

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Ms. Madiah Teacher Appreciation Award

As the school year comes to a close in the Carolinas, Stewart Law Offices is ensuring that teachers don’t leave for summer break without knowing how valuable they are to the students they serve.

The law firm has named the recipients of its yearly Teacher Appreciation Awards from a pool of nominees.

“This year’s winners demonstrated an unsurpassed dedication to their schools and students,” says attorney Brent Stewart. “It’s such a pleasure for our firm to recognize them for their roles in preparing young people for a bright future.”

The winners and winning nominations are:

Abramial Madiah, 1st grade teacher, York Preparatory Academy — Rock Hill, S.C.

“Ms. Madiah deserves this award for many reasons.  The first reason is because she has a genuine passion for educating her students.  I have witnessed how she utilizes many different teaching techniques in order to reach each student’s learning style. The second reason is due to her dedication to her job. Not only does she go out of her way to reach each child’s learning style, she also creates a personal bond with each child.  She knows all of her students on a personal level. She takes the time to learn their interests and what motivates them, then she uses that information to help the student reach their learning goals. The third reason Ms. Madiah deserves this award is that once she is done pouring her heart into her class, she stays after the school day and pours her soul into mentoring through ‘ Girls on the Run’.  While Ms. Madiah is busy with all these activities, she is very quick to answer any questions I may have as a parent. Whether it’s following up about a homework assignment or checking to see if my son smuggled more snacks into his lunch, Ms. Madiah is readily available. I have never had such great communication with a teacher. It doesn’t matter if it’s 7 a.m. and I have questions about picture day or 9:30 at night and I have a question about a class assignment, Ms. Madiah is always available.  I could go on and on listing facts why this teacher deserves this award, please strongly consider Ms. Abramial Madiah for this teacher appreciation award.”

Ms Elmore Teacher Appreciation Award

Jamie Elmore, 1st grade teacher at India Hook Elementary School — Rock Hill, S.C.

“Mrs. Elmore is a phenomenal teacher. She is so in tune with her students providing them with their own individualized instruction. My daughter has progressed in reading and has a genuine love for school because of the positive interactions and learning experiences she has had in Mrs. Elmore’s class.”

Ms. Janette Wainman Teacher Appreciation Award

Janette Wainman, Special Education teacher at Indian Land Elementary School — Ft. Mill, S.C.

“My list is endless. Ms. Wainman is the best thing to happen to Indian Land Elementary School. I have a 2nd grader with special needs. Prior to having Ms. Wainman as his teacher, he hated school, cried every day, and was sent home more times than I can count. It was a nightmare for everyone involved.  This year has been a real blessing thanks to Ms. Wainman. She truly understands the way to help and manage special needs children with behavior issues. She has been able to recognize the underlying issue and appropriately address these struggles within my son that everyone else brushed off. The changes that she has implemented at the school and the training that she provides to the other teachers are priceless. The days are long, but her heart is huge. My son is finally thriving and LOVES going to school. Ms. Wainman is amazing and an inspiration to all. Please recognize her.”

Ms. Snipes Teacher Appreciation Award

Lisa Snipes, 3rd grade teacher at Indian Land Elementary School — Ft. Mill, S.C.

“Mrs. Snipes deserves recognition because she really puts her whole heart into teaching & teaches & cares about every single one of her kids. She’s got the best of both worlds when teaching, loving & strict if need to be, very kind & patient & strives to make all the kids do what they’re supposed to be doing by trying their hardest in everything that they do. My son has learned the very most from her teachings in this 3rd-grade year than any other year since he’s started including our church pre-school & has come such a long way all thanks to Mrs. Snipes.”

Teacher Appreciation Award

Jesika Hill, Special Education teacher at McCarthy-Teszler School — Spartanburg, S.C.

“Jesika Hill teaches in a classroom of primary-aged students with special needs. She works tirelessly at work and at home to create engaging, adaptive lesson plans and bespoke activities and accommodations. She maintains open contact with her student’s parents and supports them at Miracle League games throughout the year. Her students are her passion and she never misses an opportunity to help a student or provide support to her fellow teachers. She is relentless in her desire to be a better teacher and has pursued multiple degrees and certifications in autism and special education.”

Teacher Appreciation Award

Erin Penland, Special Education teacher at Roebuck Elementary — Roebuck, S.C.

“Mrs. Penland is a teacher of a self-contained class that classroom serves k-2 grade, with 3 special education teachers. My child has some developmental delays, but in the classroom, she has flourished! She has made incredible strides this school year and it can mainly be attributed to the help, caring, and support she receives from Mrs. Penland. She is very deserving. She puts in a lot of hard work to keep her classroom running smoothly.”

Teacher Appreciation Award

Bonnie Phillips, 6th grade teacher at Gilbert Middle School — Gilbert, S.C.

“My child fell behind in grades this year. Mrs. Phillips picked up on it and called me to find out what was going on. She shared all of the grades with me and thanked me for being there for my child. We now have study sessions in her class some mornings for help. She definitely left a lasting impression on me.”

Mr. Mecklenburg Teacher Appreciation Award

Lauren Banks, Biology teacher at South Mecklenburg High School — Charlotte, N.C.

“This teacher deserves recognition because she is the most hardworking, caring, relatable, and understanding teacher I have ever had. I cannot stress how much she deserves recognition. Words cannot explain how much of an amazing teacher she is. If there were any teacher that I could go to for advice or anything personal, she would be the one. I feel as if she is my “school mom.” She is always there for us students and there’s not one person I know that would disagree.”

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