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Injured In A Motorcycle Crash?


When a motorcycle and car collide, in most cases it is the biker who sustains the brunt of the impact. Our injury attorneys understand that when a serious or fatal motorcycle wreck occurs, you deserve representation who can work with your legal needs. We are able to travel to your home, the hospital or other local places to provide a free consultation.

Motorcycles have the same rights to the road as other vehicles, but motorcyclists are often at risk for severe injuries when drivers of other vehicles fail to exercise caution. Because motorcycles are not shielded from the road like larger vehicles, other drivers need to be especially careful around these vehicles. When motorcycle wrecks occur, our injury attorneys represent the victims. We have a history of success representing injured victims of vehicle collisions, and we can easily schedule a free consultation to meet with you at a convenient location.

What Causes Motorcycle Wrecks?

Many factors can cause motorcycle crashes, but one of the primary reasons they occur is because car and truck drivers often overlook motorcycles on the road. Vehicles and objects can block a driver’s view of a motorcycle on the road, and drivers tend to pay more attention to larger cars and trucks. Motorcycles can also accidentally “hide” in blind spots, leading to series injuries when other drivers fail to observe their surroundings.

In addition, drivers of other vehicles often misjudge the speed at which a motorcycle is traveling. Drunk drivers or drivers in the act of texting can easily misjudge a biker’s speed or overlook a motorcycle altogether, placing the rider in harm’s way. Motorcyclists involved in wrecks suffer from high fatality rates, and these types of driver errors can often cause motorcyclists to suffer serious injuries or even wrongful death from fatal collisions with other vehicles.

Who is Liable in a Motorcycle Crash Case?

Much like a car crash case, motorcycle accident liability focuses on negligence. A driver who commits careless or reckless actions is considered negligent and is accountable for damages resulting from a crash.

If you are involved in a motorcycle collision, you should know that the insurance adjusters for the at-fault driver are not working for your best interests. Their goal is to minimize any potential payout, meaning they will offer you as little compensation as possible, even if that means leaving you unable to pay for hospital bills or damages to your motorcycle. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and damages, and our attorneys challenge insurance providers so you can receive what you may deserve.

Lawyers That Handle Motorcycle Wrecks in Charlotte, Beaufort*, Columbia and Rock Hill

If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash, our injury lawyers concentrate on your needs. We represent victims in South Carolina and parts of North Carolina, and can even travel to the hospital or your home to provide you with a free consultation while you recover from your injuries. We are available to residents of the Lowcountry by appointment only. Talk to us anytime by calling our office or filling out our contact form.


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