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Who Can I Call If My Husband Died on the Job?

Receiving word that a loved one has died is never easy, especially if the news is unexpected, which is almost always the case when someone dies on the job. Along with the tragedy of losing the companionship of someone they love, the family members of the victims of fatal on-the-job injuries are often left with mounting financial obligations, including funeral expenses and credit card bills.

To make matters worse, families who should be given time to grieve are often forced to deal with the aftermath of the loss of their loved one’s income from day one, because, unfortunately, they have living expenses they need to cover. However, in some cases, families of workers who died on the job may be able to receive workers compensation benefits to help them deal with the financial ramifications of their loss.

Families who are seeking workers comp benefits after someone they love was killed in a work-related accident should talk to a workers compensation attorney as soon as possible. Having the benefit of a qualified and experienced lawyer to help guide them through the complicated process of securing the money they need in the wake of their loss can allow them to concentrate on their recovery while an attorney deals with their financial problems.

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Did You Know: According to OSHA, in 2012, 15 percent of all fatal workplace injuries involved contractors.

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