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Contending with an injury that stops you in your tracks is stressful and frightening. In those times, victims and their families need financial and emotional support more than ever. But unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always look out for the best interests of people hurt in vehicle crashes, workplace accidents, medical malpractice incidents, and other traumatic events. Having a reliable Camden personal injury attorney who can protect your rights is crucial.

At Stewart Law Offices, our attorneys have the experience, resources, and knowledge needed to hold reckless parties accountable if their negligence injured you or someone you love. We help accident victims obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses so that they can move on with their lives.

If you or a family member was injured or killed in an accident, contact our Camden legal team for a free consultation.

Car Accidents

What comes next after a car accident? Many times, the future is unclear. That may be because the injuries are too severe or because the insurance company is trying to wrangle you into making a quick settlement decision.

Our team doesn’t think you should be forced to make such tough choices on your own. We provide cost-effective representation that makes it easier for you to chart a path ahead.

South Carolina law allows car accident victims to pursue compensation for damages resulting from a crash, even if they are partially at fault. The challenge is that insurance adjusters often try to exaggerate the victim’s proportion of fault to minimize payouts. Our attorneys can take over all communications with the insurance companies so that you are offered a full and fair settlement for your injuries.

We’ll collect evidence, medical documentation, witness statements and testimony from health care professionals to craft a solid case for compensation. Our mission is to resolve your case with minimal disruption to your life — even though the car accident has made it anything but easy.

No two crashes are alike. Our experienced car accident attorneys can give you personalized information about your legal options based on the circumstances of your case.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders face higher risks on the roads than the average motorist. But they have the same rights as other drivers in South Carolina. As such, they are entitled to pursue compensation if someone else’s careless actions result in an accident and injury.

If you’ve been injured in a Camden motorcycle accident, our legal team will conduct a thorough and independent investigation of your claim. Police reports from the accident scene only tell part of the story, and we dig deep to determine all potential defendants in your case. We can also hire accident reconstruction consultants to analyze the scene and look for clues to determine exactly what happened and who is at fault.

Because motorcycle accident injuries can often be catastrophic, obtaining maximum compensation is key. Working with an attorney who can identify all possible sources of compensation is essential so that you have the financial security you need during your recovery.

Truck Accidents

Truck accident cases involve a complicated intersection of state and federal laws. Strict trucking regulations govern cell phone use, how long a trucker’s shift can last, maintenance schedules, cargo weight limits and more. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial truck in Camden, our attorneys understand how the complexities of the laws overseeing the trucking industry will impact your claim for compensation.

The vast size difference between big rigs and other vehicles typically means that the worst of the injuries are usually suffered by the occupants of other vehicles, not the truck driver.

Our attorneys will find all of the details needed to build your claim — such as the truck driver’s work history, vehicle maintenance records and traffic camera feeds —so that you are not shortchanged when it comes to compensation.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall injuries can be life-threatening. When you or someone you love gets hurt by dangerous conditions on another’s property, your quality of life could depend on whether you have the financial support you need to pay for medical care and any long-term health problems resulting from the accident.

One of the most challenging aspects of slip and fall cases is that they vary so widely. Your incident could have occurred at someone’s home, at a place of business or in public. The other party may even blame you for what happened by claiming that you acted in an unsafe manner.

A good Camden premises liability lawyer can help put a value on your case by evaluating what led up to your accident and why the property owner should be held responsible for your injuries. While we tackle the details, you can concentrate on getting better again.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys

When you place your life in the hands of a doctor or other health care provider, you don’t expect them to betray your trust. But when something goes wrong during your care, it’s possible that you could be entitled to file a medical malpractice claim against the provider.

At Stewart Law Offices, we understand how hard it is to cope with medical errors, misdiagnoses, birth injuries and other forms of negligence coming from a doctor you trust. Malpractice takes many forms, and victims may not realize the extent of the harm until months or even years after it has happened.

In South Carolina, you have three years from the date that the injury occurred or from the date the malpractice was (or should have been) discovered to file a claim. There are cases where the statute of limitations can be suspended to extend the time you have a file a lawsuit. It’s very important to contact a lawyer about how the deadline applies in your case. Failure to file within the time limits can bar your rights to compensation forever, no matter how valid your claim may be.

Our Camden lawyers understand that being a victim of medical malpractice marked the start of a costly ordeal for your family. Our mission is to help you on the path to healing by providing not only quality legal services, but also the care and compassion that need during this difficult time.

Workers’ Compensation

Every Camden employee should feel safe going to work each day. By law, employers are required to ensure that their workplaces are free from all reasonable hazards. That includes keeping the work environment free from obstacles, providing safety gear when required, making sure that employees are properly trained and fulfilling other obligations.

When someone is injured on the job, most S.C. employers have workers’ compensation insurance that is intended to cover the cost of medical expenses and wage replacement until the employee can return to work. This is a no-fault system, meaning that an employee does not have to prove negligence in order to receive benefits.

However, the system sometimes breaks down. The employer’s insurance company may deny a worker’s claim for benefits or make it difficult for deserving employees to recover what they are entitled to. When that happens, our tough workers’ compensation Lawyer can intervene and fight for what’s fair.

Wrongful Death Attorneys

Nothing can prepare you for the news that you’ve lost a loved one in an accident. It can be even more painful when the death was entirely preventable and caused by another party’s carelessness.

Seeking compensation may be a viable option for spouses and certain family members through a wrongful death claim. Although it can seem impossible to file a claim in the midst of tragedy, a successful wrongful death lawsuit can recover damages for unexpected expenses such as funeral and burial costs, as well as the sudden drop in overall household income and pain and suffering.

At Stewart Law Offices, we aim to be the wrongful death attorneys that Camden families can place their faith in. We’ll help you explore your legal options privately and confidentially, wherever you would like to meet.