Documents to Keep for Your Personal Injury Case

If you are suing for a personal injury, having the proper documentation could make all the difference in your case. If you are unsure of what exactly you should be archiving, the personal injury attorneys at Stewart Law Offices, LLC have put together this list to help you out:

Police Report

If police officers arrived to the scene of your accident, it is almost certain they filed a police report. If the report clearly depicts responsibility of the at-fault party, obtaining a copy is paramount to winning your case. Since local police departments or the DMV can take a long time to actually send these documents, you should request them as soon as possible.

Medical Bills and Records

Collect copies of all the medical expenses that resulted from your injury, including ambulance services, hospital bills, doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and medication receipts. You should also look to acquire copies of your medical records so you can illustrate your health before vs. after the accident.

Lost Wages

After property damage and medical bills, lost wages are often the next largest portion of a personal injury settlement. In order to justify your lost wages claim, you should request a letter from your employer which states your name, job title, rate of pay, how many days you missed, and the total amount of wages you lost.

Communications with Insurance

Ask your insurance adjuster to communicate with you via email instead of telephone. This way, you can print out a written transcript of your interactions with accurate dates, times, and information.

Written Statements by Witnesses

If there were any eyewitnesses at the scene of your accident, obtain a written copy of their statement, or at the very least, write down their contact information so they can testify on your behalf in the courtroom.

Photos of the Accident, Damage, or Injuries

Let the judge or jury see the impact of your accident, instead of just hearing about it. Visual evidence not only provides irrefutable proof in many circumstances, it also makes the damages more “real” than reading off an itemized list.
If you are preparing for a personal injury case, don’t do it alone. The attorneys at Stewart Law Offices, LLC have years of experience helping victims like you recover the compensation they deserve. We will even visit you at home or in the hospital while you recover. If you live in North Carolina or South Carolina, contact us online to get started with a free case evaluation, or call (888) 286-5600.


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