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What Are Common Causes Of Boating Wrecks?


Even though we consider boating a carefree summer activity, people can be seriously injured or killed if boaters fail to pay attention to their surroundings. In just one year, the US Coast Guard reported 4,515 boating accidents, 651 deaths, 3,000 injuries and roughly $38 million in property damage. Learning about the common causes of boating collisions can allow boaters to avoid becoming victims of these potentially deadly incidents.


Collisions with recreational vehicles are the most common cause of injury among all types of boating accidents. Thousands of boating crashes occur each year, and a number of factors contribute to them. Some of the most common causes include the following:

  • Operator Inattention – Operator inattention is the most common contributing factor to boating accidents, according to the Coast Guard. Operators must remember that staying safe is the number one priority on the water.
  • Operator Inexperience – Boat operators need to know the laws about boating that can prevent injury and harm from occurring. Taking a boaters education class is an excellent first step toward gaining experience and understanding how to operate a boat safely.
  • Improper Lookout – This includes both failing to appoint a lookout and the appointed lookout not keeping a close eye on the boat’s surroundings.
  • Reckless Actions by Drivers, Passengers or Skiers – Even though boats operate on water, reckless actions by anyone onboard a boat can result in serious consequences.
  • Equipment Failure – Just like any other vehicle, boats need regular maintenance. Failure to stay up-to-date on your boat’s maintenance could cause it to crash or capsize.
  • Speeding – An open body of water may seem like the perfect place to test a boat’s speed. However, slower speeds make other boats, hazards and obstacles easier to see.
  • Alcohol Use – Blood alcohol content (BAC) laws are the same for both boaters and drivers. Operating a boat with a BAC of greater than 0.08 is a criminal offense.


These types of behavior can turn a peaceful day on the water into a nightmare. At Stewart Law Offices, LCC, our injury lawyers know that negligent boating can damage lives. Our lawyers have experience in personal injury law, including maritime law. We stand up for the rights of victims – let us work for your right to compensation.

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