5 Most Common Injuries Sustained in Car Collisions

By Stewart Law Offices
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Driver Suffering From Whiplash

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 6,500 people are injured every day in car accidents. While injuries can occur to virtually any part of your body, these five types are among the most common:

  1. Whiplash. Whiplash is the most common injury suffered in car accidents. It occurs when the impact from the collision causes the back or neck to stretch beyond its normal limit, then quickly snap back into place. Whiplash can affect your vertebrae, discs, ligaments, or even the spinal cord itself. In severe cases, whiplash can lead to chronic pain and even paralysis.
  2. Concussions. Significant impact to the head (or even just the body) can cause your brain to violently shake inside of your skull, which is known as a concussion. Concussions range in severity, with some taking just hours to heal and others taking weeks. Your brain is more sensitive after sustaining a concussion, so it is important to avoid activities that put you at risk while you recover.
  3. Other head injuries. It is common for drivers and passengers involved in a car accident to strike their heads against the steering wheel or dashboard. This can lead to a variety of injuries, such as a broken nose, dislocated jaw, loss of teeth, or damage to the eyes and ears.
  4. Chest injuries. The placement of seatbelts, air bags, and steering wheels all make the chest a vulnerable body part in car collisions. Chest injuries can range from minor bruises and contusions to broken ribs, fractured sternums, or damage to internal organs.
  5. Leg injuries. When seated in a car, your legs have little room for movement. When a collision occurs, it is very likely that your legs will be thrown against the side door or dashboard. If you are hit from the side, your legs could even take the brunt of the collision.

Keep in mind that not all injuries are readily apparent after a car accident. Some may take several hours, or even days, to appear. If you are involved in a South Carolina car accident, seek medical treatment if you experience any pain or discomfort.

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