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Do You Have Case For Federal Court?


While retaining an attorney who can represent your claim at a state level is beneficial, what if your case requires litigation in federal court? In many situations, a lawsuit may be better suited for or removed from a state court for litigation in a federal court. Our injury attorneys are able to provide effective legal representation in both state and federal courts.

Sometimes, having an attorney who is licensed to practice law in your state is not enough. A surprising number of cases require a lawyer licensed to practice law in federal courts. Even if your claim seems simple, you should find out if your attorney can represent you in federal civil court. At Stewart Law Offices, LLC, our injury lawyers provide federal litigation services to get you the compensation you need. We stay involved with our clients throughout the entire process, and we invite you to call us anytime you are in need of legal assistance.

When is Federal Litigation Necessary?

Many cases require federal litigation to come to a resolution. In some situations, a defendant may opt to remove a lawsuit from a state court to a federal court if proper jurisdiction exists.

One such situation occurs when a corporation is not located in the state in which the lawsuit is filed. For example, if a truck accident occurs in South Carolina and a victim files a lawsuit against the truck company in state court, the truck company may be able to remove the lawsuit to federal court if it does not have any locations in South Carolina and if the case alleges over $75,000 worth of damages. Because of this, many truck accident claims are litigated at the federal level.

In some lawsuits, federal law dictates the rights of an injured victim, which means the case may be litigated in the federal court system. Federal maritime law establishes the rights of those injured on navigable waters, and many times it is beneficial to litigate such claims in federal court.

You Can Count on Us for Your Federal Litigation Needs

Our injury attorneys represent injury victims in the Rock Hill, Columbia, Spartanburg areas throughout South Carolina as well as Charlotte, Gastonia and other parts of North Carolina. Assistance at our Beaufort* location is by appointment only. Our lawyers offer free consultation for injury victims, and if you cannot travel to our office, we can visit you in your home or the hospital to allow you to understand your legal options. If you are hurt and need legal support, call us today or fill out the contact form on our site to get started.



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